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STARS (Social Training Activities and Recreational Sport) Ltd is the charitable arm of the Educ8 Group with the aim of ensuring young people and adults with a range of needs have opportunities to participate in, and deliver, healthy exercise programmes, leading to a more fulfilling lifestyle. This can include educational programmes providing pathways to sports coaching employment or positive activity programmes providing engagement and support. STARS provides communities, partners and funders with a range of programmes tackling diverse issues using sport as the 'hook' for engagement and the 'tool' for education. Our work focuses on 3 core delivery programmes: activities during the school holidays, evening activities at youth centres, and delivery of the 'Wanna be a Sports Coach LDD' programme.

Our aim during 2015 was to increase the number of communities, and the number of groups, to which our 3 core programmes are providing benefit. To date 95% of our work has centred around the Leicestershire region. A number of trustees have been recruited from several areas across England with an aim of establishing STARS programmes in their local communities. These include Northumberland, Birmingham, Coventry, Redcar, Liverpool, and Bradford.