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M.A.R.C.H. founded by Alan Wilson in 2010 was set up in order to bring wounded/disabled/traumatized military/ex-military personnel and their families to Cyprus for a holiday. 

To accomplish this we contact home owners here in the Paphos region of Cyprus asking if they would like to donate their property free for a week or two each year.  We have approximately 30 homes on our books but obviously as we have had over 100 applications already these homes are not enough.  We also desperately need a fully adapted disabled bungalow with wet room and hoists as the injuries of our guests are now more serious i.e. double lower limb amputees, paraplegics, tetraplegics.  There are only three specifically designed bungalows in the Paphos area which meet this criteria which have to rented by us, two of which are now for sale and therefore not available for renting.