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About Us

We believe that bicycles offer people a route out of poverty and a means to improve their lives, giving them opportunities to travel to work and school. Bicycles can also be adapted to carry goods and passengers giving small scale farmers and traders the opportunity to reach customers further afield or take more produce to market. They are also an invaluable resource for traveling health workers.

We receive donations of unwanted bikes from individuals, businesses and organisations such as the Royal Mail, Rotary Clubs, Schools and Churches. These are checked over and sound bikes are prepared for shipment before being loaded into containers (approx. 450 each time) and sent to our various partner organisations in Africa. There, they are refurbished before being distributed by our African partners.

Many of our partners also teach repair and maintenance skills, providing a community resource which keeps people on their bikes and mobile. Damaged bikes or bikes in poor condition are stripped down and the spare parts are also sent to Africa.


Major African Beneficiaries

In rural Africa where there is no public transport, people have to walk long distances to access education, health care or employment. For many people, a bicycle can be the first step out of poverty and towards a better life.

  • Children, who often walk long distances each way to school
  • Outreach workers, e.g. medical personnel, agricultural advisors
  • Women, whose day often has multiple journeys, e.g. fetching water or fire wood, travel to work etc.
  • Commuters and farm workers, taking goods to market

We currently work in Ghana, Namibia, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia and Kenya.