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SkillForce is a charity that works in partnership with schools, drawing upon the skills of predominantly ex-Forces personnel, to inspire young people to succeed. Since 2000, SkillForce has changed the lives of 50,000 young people in the UK, engaging the hard-to-reach, developing their skills, and preparing them for next steps in education, work or training.

We are working with 150 schools in England, Scotland and Wales. SkillForce's approach is to Engage, Prepare and Develop, helping young people take the next steps in their lives.

SkillForce gets results because we understand that some students need a tailored approach.

The empathy and skills of our instructors engage young people and, working with the school, lift aspirations and levels of achievement.

Our instructors use activity-based learning in the classroom and activities beyond it to inspire. We have a range of programmes tailored to age group, the young person’s needs and the school. Our charitable fundraising subsidises the cost of our programmes in schools.

We have the tools and programmes to deliver three outcomes: help bring the hardest-to-reach young people back into the fold; engage those who need a more tailored approach and help them find next steps in education, work or training, and; prepare children for the all-important step from primary to secondary education.