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Furniture Re-use Network

About Us

How does it work? Quality household items (from your washing machine and freezer through to beds and sofas) are donated either by the public or through relationships we’ve created with retailers. Household items are given for free to people in need or sold at a very low cost. As well as giving a family or household hope and a helping hand when they desperately need, we are making sure that perfectly good furniture is not being thrown away.


Not only do our member re-use charities help the household, they also work with the individual providing trainee programmes to those excluded from society such as ex-offenders, people suffering from illnesses or struggling with long term unemployment. Each re-use charity plays a huge role in ensuring that people are supported when they absolutely need. Furniture re-use is the core of our member’s work but their organisations are often involved in many other re-use activities including bicycles, paint, handyman services, house clearances, sewing and refurbishment of various items.


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