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Sparsholt College

About Us

Sitting in an office all day isn’t the life for everyone. Some people much prefer making a living with their hands, getting outside whilst doing something they love.  Sparsholt College is ideal for those who want to learn the skills which would give them a career working in the country, with animals, fish, trees or plants. It's not just everything associated with the land which the College excels in; there is also a thriving Sports Department offering sport, outdoor education and public services courses and a Motor Vehicle and Engineering department.

Set in beautiful Hampshire countryside, close to Winchester, Sparsholt College Hampshire is renowned as one of the UK's leading land-based colleges with a national and international reputation for excellence in education and training in this sector.

Studying at Sparsholt College offers the perfect blend of hands-on training within superb industry-equivalent facilities, taught by real experts.  This participative approach to learning is complemented by scientific training to ensure all students can not only do the job but have the technical know-how too.