About us

Leaving the Armed Forces can be a challenging prospect, but leaving when the decision has been forced upon you due to serious illness or injury can present a far greater challenge.

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) is here to help those wounded, injured and sick individuals who have the greatest need in finding a new, fulfilling career that meets their own individual needs, and assists them in moving on with their lives.

Delivered via the CTP Assist team, within the wider CTP provision, the support we give will help pinpoint a rewarding and realistic change of career. For many, this support plays a fundamental part in the individual’s future planning – it is about identifying who they are, and what they want to do. In every case, we want to empower, motivate and inspire those we work with to find the future outcome that works for them – whatever their injury or illness.

What is CTP Assist?

The medical care our Armed Forces personnel receive is among the best in the world. Increasingly, our Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen are surviving their wounds and injuries, but they have to face the future with career and life-changing injuries. CTP Assist plays a key role in the specialist support that the Defence Recovery Capability provides to wounded, injured and sick service personnel.

The Career Transition Partnership helps support the transition from a military to a civilian career and CTP Assist works as part of the CTP, offering additional specialist support to those who face the greatest barriers to employment.

Who does the Service help?

The individuals we support have different, varying needs and wants. From a double amputee who is trying to rebuild their life after a slow and difficult recovery; or an individual diagnosed with a terminal illness who wants to keep active by undertaking voluntary work; to an individual who is looking for a career that will make use of his considerable skills, whilst accommodating his injuries.

An individual’s recovery journey is often long and complex, but once an they are ready, both physically and emotionally, we are here to help them make the transition.

How our opportunities help the wounded, injured and sick into new careers

The employment-related opportunities that are available via CTP Assist help give our clients invaluable experience, enabling them to progress in their own recovery journey with confidence. Employment based opportunities, often undertaken prior to a Service leaver’s discharge date, are an ideal way for a wounded, injured or sick individual to spend time with a civilian organisation whilst being paid by the military. The opportunities can last from one day to several months, and can have a lasting impact:

  • inspiring and motivating individuals to embrace different career opportunities beyond the Armed Forces
  • helping develop skills and experience for future employment
  • helping the transition back to work following a lengthy recovery
  • offering invaluable experience of civilian work environments
  • helping with understanding and accessing training and career development opportunities